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Resist & Tips
Paints Fabulous transparent fabric paints for fabrics. Setacolor is a range of concentrated heat fixed colors for decorating fabrics. Particularly vivid and bright, Setacolor colors can be used to paint, stain or print natural or synthetic fibers. Great on silk
and cotton. They can even be used on leather.

Easy to use, intense colors and concentrated,they can be diluted with water. Heat set by ironing or placing in the dryer for 25 minutes. After fixing, they are perfectly resistant to washing and dry cleaning — and the fabric retains all of its suppleness. Machine washable, colorfast and dry cleanable.

I recommend buying Setacolor from your local art store, or online at

Resist: Water Soluble Resist
Works on Cottons & Silks
By tracing/drawing the outlines of your design with resist you can contain the movement of paint or dye within these boundaries. You will need a bottle with a small tip to apply the resist to your fabric. We recommend the bottle and tips below.
2.25 oz.
•  Resist $5.75

Plastic Bottles for Resist
The tips below fit on these bottles, .5 oz.
These plastic bottles can be used with resists and thick paint, such as Lumiere. This photo shows the plastic tip and lid that comes with the bottle. This price is for 1 plastic bottle. We recommend the set of tips below if you will be using them with resist. For paint, use the the 7mm or 9mm.
•  Plastic Bottle $1.25 Quantity:

Fine Line Metal Tips
These stainless steel tips fit the plastic bottle listed above

All 3 tips screw onto Jacquard's half ounce plastic bottle.

In addition to resist, they can be used with paints, glues, ceramics and for other craftmaking endeavors where you need a fine line.

5mm (small), 7mm (medium) & 9mm (large)

•  Set of all 3 Tips (5mm, 7mm & 9mm) $9.00 Quantity:
•  Small Tip (5mm) - for fine lines, great
    with resist
$3.50 Quantity:
•  Med Tip (7mm) - great when using
    metallic paints to create outlines
$3.50 Quantity:
•  Large Tip (9mm) - for a bit larger lines,
    with paints or resist
$3.50 Quantity:

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