Make Screens and COLORHUE Dyes
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Here are some websites I think you will enjoy.

Authentic Katazome (Japanese Stencil Dyeing) by Karen Miller
Cut and Color (Karen Miller's Blog)

Continuous Line Designs (Sara Hochhauser)

Fabric Paintings

Fun With Silk

Have a look at my son Forest's new shop in Seattle

Hirata Digital Photography

Janet Bodin's Expressive Figures

June Colburn Designs

Kai Scissors

Kim Ritter Gallery Quilts

Kristal Wick Creations

River Silks Ribbons
Beautiful, hand dyed, durable silk ribbon

V V Prints
Inkjet printable cotton, bamboo and silk fabric sheets, River Silks ribbons & more

WonderFil Specialty Threads
Excellent threads - wide range of colors and fibers

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