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Silk Screen Image Library

Check your local PBS stations for the 1100 Series of Quilting Arts. Ginny is featured using her screen entitled "Flower & Wren" (available on the Nature-Animals silkscreen page). Episodes focus on Silkscreening, Pleating Patterns and Creating with Soy wax.

Choose from an inspired assortment of ready to use copyright-free silk screens. Embellish, animate and transform wearable art and other creative projects with exotic images and patterns from traditional sources. Mostly found in textiles from traditional and tribal cultures, the images and patterns are coordinated to work together on yokes, plackets, pockets, sleeves and back panels on garments or as surface embellishment for pillows and art quilts. They can be layered and combined to build complex surfaces or used as dramatic accent. The possibilities continue to expand as the library grows, adding more images to be used in creative combinations.

These readymade silk screens are ready to use right out of the envelope because they donít need frames. They can be used hundreds of times over and are ideal for small space use. See how to use silk screens in the tutorial section. Directions on how to silk screen with dye and shaving cream come with all screens.

MakeScreens, the undeveloped silk screen used for the Image Library, has made silk screening, once a difficult surface technique, available to anyone who loves to embellish with pattern and image. MakeScreens is tough enough to use without a frame.

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