Use Art Screen Stencils
  1. Position MakeScreensTM art screen 
Place the silkscreen shiny side down on the surface to be printed. If necessary, secure the edges with masking tape. You can also spray the shiny side with re-positionable spray adhesive. If you spray from a distance of 1 to 2 feet with one quick squirt the screen won’t clog.

  2. Paint 
Apply a bead of paint along the top of the silkscreen on the dull side. With a squeegee held at a 45 degree angle, stroke the paint down the screen applying light pressure. If you miss an area, remove the excess paint from the squeegee and place it above the area and pull it down to fill in the gap.
  3. Remove silkscreen   
Before removing the silkscreen, lift a small portion to make sure there are no voids on the surface. Check the top and then the bottom. As long as you lift only a portion of the stencil, it will automatically align itself.
  4. Clean silkscreen
Do not let water based paints dry on your screen. Keep a container of water nearby to drop your stencil in as soon as you’ve used it. Gently rinse your silkscreen under running water while gently brushing the dull side with a natural sponge. Never rub the shiny side.
  5. Dry silkscreen
Blot dry on the dull side and hang to dry.If silkscreens get stuck together, soak them in water until they come apart.
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