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Here are some of the comments written on the class feedback questionnaire from some of Ginny's students who attended her classes at International Quilt Festivals in Houston, Texas:

"This was one of the best classes I have taken in ten years at International Quilt Festival!"

" Well organized, kept class at a nice pace, very well informed. I really enjoyed this class."

"Ginny is a generous & extremely knowledgeable teacher and artist. She made difficult processes very doable."

"Fabulous! I would take it again at double the price."



See three of Ginny's pieces in "500 Art Quilts" by Lark Books, and more of her work in the book, "Lonestars III" published in 2011.

Silkscreen Image

Fabric Class

More information on class techniques can be found here:

Silkscreen Image

Dyed, the silkscreening done by a student in Tokyo, Japan

tunic embroidery design
This tunic has amazing embroidery, but needed another layer to soften it. A simple leaf screen was added by the beading and around the bottom of the sleeves.

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Classes, Workshops & Exhibitions

Classes can be combined to meet your needs! Ginny is available to give lectures and teach classes for you
and your group. To schedule, please email Ginny at or call (281) 415-9688.

Color Your Stash!

This fun class teaches you how to easily transform and update your fabrics! Using fabric paints and silk screen images, you can quickly make your fabric come alive! This is a one day class. Please click on the image below to see the detail. The top fifth of the image shows the original fabrics. The fabric was painted using Setacolor paints. The last third of each strip has printed imagery using silk screen prints.

Color Your Stash Class


Gorgeous Scarves, Banners
& Table Runners

We start the class using 12" x 14"
silk charmeuse and organza silks to
understand the process of dyeing and printing. You will have a wide silk charmeuse scarf for the background
and a narrower silk organza scarf in
the foreground. The combination is beautiful, and each allows you to use different techniques. Color, imagery
and details will come to life with dyes, paints and silkscreening. Check out the beautiful banners here. Click on them to see more detail.

Dye and Print: Scarves

Combine dyes, paints and silk screening on silk scarves! Silk takes color so beautifully! After dyeing the silks, we'll add imagery and paint, creating depth and interest. Totally fun with lots of opportunities to increase your skills.

Silk Workshop

You love the look & feel of silk; now enjoy creating with this amazing fabric. A variety of silks will be used, from Charmeuse to Organza. You will learn which techniques to use for precise control, and others that are best for texture, surprises and color.

Paint & Print to Enhance

Paint, Print & Enhance!

Layers of painting and printing create amazing depth and intrigue. From creating background textures to detailed imagery, you will learn to mix colors, create dynamic combinations, and techniques that enhance your imagery.

Landscape designs


We have all been influenced by nature's beauty. Capture that awesomeness in all its rich colors using paint on fabric. From metallic to transparent paints and mediums to thickeners, learn how to achieve outstanding results.

Clothing design

Wear it with Flair!

Love to show your artful flair, but not interested in sewing the whole garment? Print and paint on finished clothing!

Ginny Eckley, 2423 Kings Forest Dr., Kingwood, TX 77339


Workshops for guilds and shops are
also available.

Workshop Titles:

Painting on Fabrics, Design - Then Print, Making Your Own Silkscreens, Paint, Wrap & Roll, Soy Wax Techniques, Thread Painting

One Day Class  $650
Two Day Class  $995
Presentation   $500
(Images, Talk and Artwork)

Bud Flowers


Silk Techniques
From painting to dyeing, soy wax and silkscreening, this is a chance to try it all!

Bird Soy
Created on Silk Habotai. Image was drawn on fabric. Fabric was stretched. Soy wax was brushed over entire piece. Using a tool, the wax was removed, following the design lines. Then Colorhue Dye was brushed onto fabric.

Layering Paint & Print
Techniques include silkscreen printing, painting and dyeing.

Landscape inspired
We'll spend time practicing, then focus on creating imagery from nature.

Artful clothing
This was printed, painted and outlined on a silk skirt and blouse. Learn the techniques on fabric, then progress to adding design and color to your garment. Light colored garments allow a wider range of colors, so keep this in mind when choosing what to bring. Dark colors will require opaque and metallic paints.

Feel free to call or email with any questions. (281) 415-9688,

I look forward to a fun, dynamic time creating with you!

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