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Surface Design

Surface Design DVD by Ginny Eckley

with Silk Screens, Soy Wax Resist, & Fabric Manipulation

Embrace a range of techniques to create unique imagery on fabric! The magic of silk screening, dyeing and soy is that each technique produces a distinctive effect. Colorhue dye techniques are fast and fun, providing rich colors in a variety of patterns. The screens are so easy to use, resulting in crisp details. Best of all, they are made of durable, long lasting nylon. Soy wax goes on like butter! So smooth, and leaves a beautiful sheen. Unlike paraffin, it is non- toxic.

So, the wonderful results of combining these techniques are the fine details of the screen prints, the range of colors provided by the dyes, and the patterns and sheen of the soy wax. Used alone or together, these techniques will bring you delight and broaden your skills. There is magic in creating!

•  Surface Design DVD $12.00

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Quilted Sea Tapestries

Quilted Sea Tapestries Book
by Ginny Eckley

Techniques for machine-embroidered design.

Explore unique ways to create texture and illusion by manipulating fabric.

Techniques are beautifully illustrated and photographed, making it easy to follow.

Learn to create dimension and depth with these exciting ideas.

•  Quilted Sea Tapestries Book         $14.00                 Quantity:
•  Quilted Sea Tapestries Book
   - Autographed Copy
        $14.00                 Quantity:
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